Why FAKEbook?

✅ High account trust - Unique farming technology is a secret ingredient in our FB accounts potion – all accounts have high trust and are able to spend well in BH conditions. We are always testing and using new farming methods and trends because Facebook is a very dynamic platform.

✅ Best Choice for Beginners - FB is one of the best traffic sources but it also requires knowledge and technology to get it's golden traffic. Our professional team will spend time with you personally to answer all of your questions and get you set up for FB media buying

✅ Flexible Pricing - the price for account depends on the type and quantity

✅ Hours of real activity - we don't just scroll news once in a lifetime, we have qualified people making real thought-through activity, creating organic engagement, using different random actions and methods, the way a real user would act in a new account. Such as posting, engaging, playing games, logging in different sites using FB, collecting cookies, etc.


Your success is our success.

FAKEbook will help get your a Monster Profits always!


Product In stock Amount Buy
Combo Accounts - Advertising Access Allowed
France | Warmed Up 1+ month - BM EUR - SMS(+33) - FP - FRIENDS - 2FA 289 7.00 $ / 1 pcs
Advertising access Reinstated Accounts
Myanmar ID Verified Ad Account | 2-4 YEARS AGED - 100+ FRIENDS - 2FA 27 5.50 $ / 1 pcs
Female | 10+ Photo of the same woman 85 0.50 $ / 1 pcs

All accounts offered through this website are 100% legal, which were registered manually or automatically with self-hosted proxys. We never sell stolen, illegal or compromised accounts. Important! None of our accounts contain any kind of Personally Identifiable Information. All accounts are populated with random data, that is not related to any existing person.