We recommend to always use our accounts with anti-detect browsers (like AdsPower, Multilogin etc) and warm up on you hardware/ip within 1-2 days before connecting BMs or starting running ads. Please don't rush! This is the most obvious mistake when you working with Facebook.

❗️ Refund policy ❗️
We will replace an account that was already banned before you logged in. You have to show us that you used account country proxies and an anti detect browser. We will not replace the account if you used the ip of a different country and you logged in without an antidetect browser. We won't replace an account that you already logged in successfully and was restricted after doing actions in Ads manager, etc. Will replace the FB account if there is a problem with us receiving the text message code or accessing the email of the account(but we won't replace it if Facebook doesn't send the code to the email, there is an issue with that sometimes). We will refund the money if we couldn't send the paid FB account in the stated turn-around-time.